Pilot Course

A series of 3 workshops to help you reduce sugar in your diet

What is a pilot course?

This pilot course is a test run of 3 workshops that I am offering at a reduced price in exchange for your feedback. Your input will help me improve the content and form before I publish the improved online workshops on my new website called "My Life After Sugar".


Why follow a workshop with Netta?

See the testimonials below

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"Netta Gorman is a great teacher for many reasons. She is one of the most motivating, funny and positive people I had the honour to have as a teacher. She always had the answers to our questions, or even better, she helped us find our own answers!"


"I can say without a doubt that Netta was one of the best teachers I have ever had, not only in terms of her approach to the subject matter, but also because of her passion for teaching. Her way of teaching really inspired me and made me consider becoming a teacher myself."

Stéphanie T.

"Netta is passionate about her work, which makes classes more fun to attend! She makes sure that everything is clear and she is always there to help us when we need it. "



I have known Netta for more than 12 years now, and she has always struck me as one of the most dedicated and best teachers I ever had.  She’s funny and easy to talk to, and she can make anything sound interesting and easy to understand.  She’s also very passionate about what she teaches, so you can be sure that the material has been thoroughly researched and that she’s constantly striving to learn more about the matter at hand.  If your goal is to learn something, you’re at the right place!


I had the opportunity to take two courses with Netta Gorman a few months ago, and it was an amazing experience! As a teacher, Netta knows how to capture the attention of her students and to communicate her passion. Sometimes, we tend to underestimate the power of passion in teaching, but it really makes all the difference. Netta’s courses are the proof: they were definitely among the best courses I ever took. Furthermore, Netta is a very dynamic woman, and her jovial personality establishes  the contact with her students immediately. She is patient and always finds strategies to keep the subject she teaches alive. In her course, her students feel supported and stimulated, which is also very helpful during the learning process. For me, it was a huge privilege to have her as a teacher.

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A good teacher, for me, has the capacity to transmit information in a way that most of the audience can understand. When you want to learn something, you need to process new information, new concepts. It is like breaking or creating a habit, and it is difficult to do. As learners, we need someone to guide us when we process this new information.

Netta is a special person (in a good way). She’s got amazing charisma, a good sense of humour. She is able to talk to your brain and shake it up! She makes you think outside the box. Not only do you learn things with her, but your learn to process and question what you know, and then to go further with the information that she gave you and become self-taught.

In fact, there is no word that can describe my experience as a student with Netta. She used to teach me English courses in college, but she can teach practically any subject. I feel I learned more in 10 minutes with her, just talking, than in 40 hours of courses with other teachers. She just knows how to communicate her knowledge.

If you want to learn more about what you eat, how sugar impacts our lives, what fermentation is about, what processed food is, etc., you are in the right place.

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Valérie and Rosa

Netta is an amazing teacher and a wonderful woman. With her unique sense of humour and her bright energy, she makes classes very entertaining. Her teaching and delightful personality truly made our lives as students happier.

She can take any subject that appears to be dull and turn it into something captivating. Furthermore, she is incredibly passionate and dedicated to every project she undertakes.

She makes it easy to learn a lot about any subject, for she is very clear and makes complicated subjects easy to understand. Even if someone does not understand at first, she will adapt and work specifically with that person until she is sure they will succeed. Also, she is incredibly respectful to all.

There is not a teacher we could recommend more.

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